Body Treatments

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Papaya Pineapple Scrub    30 min  $60

Natural papaya and pineapple enzymes are combined with finely crushed Napa Valley grape seeds rich in antioxidants. This lovely, fragrant treatment gently smooths and exfoliates your skin.

‘Ohe Wapine Scrub    60 min  $100

Powdered ‘ohe (bamboo) and fragrant wapine (lemongrass) are the basis of this delightful foaming scrub which vigorously removes dulling surface cells while toning and refining the texture of the skin.

Lomi Pa’akai    60 min  $100

Traditionally used in many Hawaiian healing practices, pa’akai (sea salt) is massaged into the body to scrub away impurities and stimulate circulation, leaving the skin invigorated and glowing.

Hawaiian Noni Wrap    60 min  $100

Noni has been used for centuries by Hawaiians for its legendary healing properties. The soothing gel is nourishing and toning for the skin, as well as healing for sunburn and other minor skin problems. The wrap is followed with a Coconut Milk massage.

‘Awa ‘Alae Wrap    60 min  $100

Powdered ‘awa (kava), known for its sedative properties, and ‘alaea, the distinctive red clay used medicinally and ceremonially by Hawaiians, are blended with honey.   The mixture is massaged into the body, exfoliating and stimulating circulation. You are then wrapped to allow the ‘awa to be absorbed into the body, inducing deep relaxation, while the ‘alaea draws toxins from the tissues.

Limu ‘Awapuhi Wrap    90 min  $155

Nourishing South Pacific limu (seaweed) and stimulating ‘awapuhi (ginger), in a base of antioxidant green tea, enrich your skin with sea enzymes and essential minerals and vitamins. The treatment begins with an exfoliating Papaya Pineapple Scrub, followed by the Limu ‘Awapuhi wrap, and ending with a creamy Kukui Coconut lotion massage.

Additional Services
(add on to a Massage or Body Treatment)

Facial Masque    15 min  $20

Facial cleansing with hot towels, massage and application of an appropriate masque for your skin type, completed with a nourishing moisturizer.

Foot Treatment    15 min  $20

First wrapped in warm towels, the feet are then exfoliated with an invigorating scrub, followed by a moisturizing lotion massage.

Scalp Treatment    15 min  $20

A scalp massage applying custom blended essential oils in a base of pure jojoba, with a hot towel wrap to enhance absorption of oils.

Aroma Touch    30 min  $50

DoTerra certified pure therapeutic essential oils are applied to the spine, producing a profound whole body wellness experience.  Benefits include stress management, immune support and autonomic balance.


Ekahi      90 min  $135

30 min Papaya Pineapple Scrub and 60 min Massage

Elua    120 min  $160

60 min Massage and 60 min Facial

Ekolu    120 min  $170

60 min Scrub or Wrap and 60 min Massage

Massages, body treatments and facials are performed in our cozy spa yurt. Massages and body treatments may also be experienced in our traditional Hawaiian hale, overlooking Hana Bay for an additional $10. If you get a couples massage in the Hale, it is still only $10 more.

 Also see:  Massages | Skin Care